Garments Park is not known for charging whole lot of money for our online ladies tailoring services but we are known for delivering what makes a customer feel WOW about the ladies tailoring services we provide.

Below price guide below has been gathered with lot of thoughts and calculations but we still feel there will be scenarios wherein the pricing may depend upon the pattern or design required by you.

Regular Blouse

₹ 250 onwards
Upto ₹ 450 on lining

Princess Cut Blouse

₹ 300 onwards
₹ 650

Katori Cut Blouse

₹ 300 onwards
upto ₹ 450


₹ 500 onwards
upto ₹ 650

ladies tops

₹ 250 onwards 
depends up on models

schools uniforms

₹ 500 onwards
depends up on Models


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