Inspired by your favourite Celebrity Style and feel one among the Stars.

Front neck design

Square criss-cross neck
Code: FBD-01
Deep Sweetheart neck
Code: FBD-02
Stand-up Collar neck
Code: FBD-03
Horseshoe neck
Code: FBD-04

Back neck design

Round neck
Code: BBD-01
Four Strings
Code: BBD-02
Scalloped neck
Code: BBD-03
Square neck
Code: BBD-04

SLEEVE design

Full sleeves
Code: SD-01
3/4th sleeves
Code: SD-02
Short sleeve
Code: SD-03
Cap sleeve
Code: SD-04

Lining cloth

COtton lining
Code: CL1
crepe lining
Code: CL2
SAtin lining
Code: SL

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